Education Is Everything

Award Winning Schools

If you’re looking for a community with great schools, you’ll be happy to know that Rutherford County Schools consistently rank among the best in Tennessee. In fact, they’ve even surpassed national rankings on a number of measures! Despite the challenges that come with a growing county, Rutherford County Schools have set the bar high in areas such as academics, planning, and safety measures. And if you’re considering non-public school options, there are plenty of magnet, arts, and private schools available to choose from. We’re committed to providing our residents with the best educational opportunities for their families.


Schools Near Shelton Square

Browns Chapel Elementary

Overall Creek Elementary

Blackman Middle & High School

More Than Just A Neighborhood

Lifestyle Benefits



Spend your days relaxing by the pool, having a picnic in one of our many common areas, watching your kids and grandkids grow on the playground, and cherishing a unique and well-thought-out existence amongst neighbors of all ages and walks of life.


Parks & Trails

Imagine spending your afternoons strolling down tree-lined streets, stopping to chat with neighbors or watching kids sell lemonade on the corner. Our pocket parks and green spaces provide the perfect backdrop for a picnic on the lawn with family and friends.



Residents can enjoy events and activities that cater to every age group and lifestyle. From BBQ cookoffs and pool parties to food truck nights and holiday celebrations… there’s always something social to look forward to!